Food And Feed

Food And Feed

  1. What is food and feed testing?

Food and feed testing is a method of food quality control. Food testing must comply with the food safety law issued under No. 55/2010/QH12

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  1. Principles of food safety management

– Ensuring food safety is the responsibility of all organizations and individuals producing and trading food.

– Producing and trading in food is a conditional activity; organizations and individuals that produce and / or trade in food must take responsibility for safety of food they produce or trade.

– Food safety management must be based on relevant technical regulations promulgated by competent state management agencies and announced by production organizations and individuals.

– Food safety management must be carried out during food production and trading on the basis of risk analysis for food safety.

– Food safety management must ensure clearly assigned, decentralized and interdisciplinary coordination.

– Food safety management must meet the requirements of socio-economic development.

  1. Functions and tasks of QCVN microbiology – microbiology laboratory in food testing

QCVN is in the process of completing the legal procedures granted by the Department of Food Safety and Hygiene – Ministry of Health with the function of quality control. Food safety and hygiene on drinking water items types, meat and products of meat, seafood and seafood products.

  1. QCVN Acctivities:

QCVN is a leader in food and feed testing. With a team of experienced professional in the industry, along with modern equipment, we offer a quickly, accurate and efficiently testing service.

QCVN operates food inspection with the prestige and integrity that creates the brand as the leading food testing unit in the country, the main testing activities of the center include:

  • Microbiology testing
  • Test: Pathogen bacteria
  • Test: heavy metal, toxic chemicals, pesticide residues
  • Test: physiochemical
  • Test: packaging

QCVN is committed to providing our customers with the best testing service, with the suitable cost and return results quickly.


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