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QCVN standard

QCVN was established and developed as a result of the aspiration to protect the environment and care for human health, established by a dedicated team dedicated to the development of environmental monitoring and testing. Microbiology, testing training to ensure the sustainable development of Vietnamese businesses.

The core value system of QCVN is the decisive foundation for the long-term development of QCVN:

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Development philosophy

  • Honor the values: QCVN is an environment to honor the human values and intellectual values of each member, serving as the foundation for building a QCVN culture and developing high quality human resources. Knowledge along with the values of life and the high labor value of each member is recognized, appreciated and rewarded by QCVN for its contributions to the development of QCVN.
  • Serving society: QCVN was established and developed to support businesses and the community to protect the living environment, labor environment, and human health.
  • Maintaining reputation: QCVN considers reputation to be the life of the organization with standards and commitment to the same quality of its products and services. Each member of QCVN is acutely aware of developing and preserving the QCVN brand through a dedicated attitude, professional working style and comprehensive quality of service to customers. 


As the No. 1 analytical testing unit of water, food, microbiology in Vietnam QCVN standard


Protecting the ecosystem including: the living environment and human health in the field of water analysis and labor environment monitoring services, food testing

Slogan: Quality standards

QCVN standard

Hope to have the opportunity to become your partner in the future

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