Environmental impact assessment records

Environmental impact assessment records

1. Why must prepare environmental impact assessment

Environmental assessment is a very important useful, meaningful reality for socio-economic activities of a country, a region. Working environmental impact assessment is a process of synthesis has already been analyzed by studying very complex with many fields of science and economics and different technologies, so that can predict the environmental impacts It is possible to happen by an investment project for socio-economic development, on that basis, propose solutions and measures to enhance positive impacts, minimize negative impacts, and contribute to making for investment projects that are sustainable in actual implementation.

2. The main purpose of Environmental  assessment (EIA)

– Environmental impact assessment is a tool for management agencies to consider and analyze forecasts of environmental impacts of specific investment projects to introduce measures to protect the environment.

– Proposing a plan to prevent, reduce negative impacts, strengthen beneficial aspects and still achieve the development objectives and requirements

– Environmental impact assessment is not only a scientific report but also a legal basis for deciding important issues on socio-economic development, related to the material and spiritual life of the people in the whole country or a local area.

Refer to Appendix II of Decree No. 18/2015 / ND-CP dated February 14, 2015 of the Government stipulating projects that must carry out environmental impact assessment.

3. Regulations for making Environmental assessment reports:

* Environmental Protection Law No. 55/2014 / QH13 dated 23/06/2014;

* Decree No. 18/2015 / ND-CP dated February 14, 2015 of the Government on Regulations on environmental protection planning, strategic environmental assessment, environmental impact assessment and environmental protection plan school;

* Decree No. 19/2015 / ND-CP dated February 14, 2015 of the Government detailing and guiding the implementation of a number of articles of the Law on Environmental Protection;

* Circular No. 27/2015 / TT-BTNMT 29.05.2015 Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment regulations on Strategic Environmental Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Protection Plan;

*Decree No. 155/2016 / ND-CP dated November 18, 2016 of the Government stipulating penalties for administrative violations in the field of environmental protection.

4. Why QCVN for Environmental assessment

In order to assess the environmental impact, it is necessary to sample the background environment analysis before the project is implemented, QCVN is the unit certified by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to meet environmental monitoring conditions including 02 areas of environmental analysis school and environmental monitoring according to Vimcerts 197 and Decision 1316 / QD-BTNMT on May 29, 2016.

QCVN has sufficient equipment to sample gas, emissions, water, wastewater, mud and soil. In addition to rapid measurement of field parameters, QCVN also conducted sampling on analytical laboratory in accordance with TCVN and QCVN standards.

With 5 years in the field of environmental legal consultancy and more than 3000 environmental impact assessment dossiers approved from ministerial to provincial levels and industrial park management boards throughout the country have proved QCVN capacity in the field of environment.

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