Groundwater analysis

Groundwater analysis

Groundwater analysis – Groundwater is the main source of drinking water in many countries and populated areas in the world.

Therefore, groundwater pollution has a great influence on the quality of human life in the region.

The sampling of groundwater and groundwater analysis, groundwater analysis with typical criteria of groundwater sources to assess the current status of water, pollution coefficient will help us find the cause soon and give appropriate handling measures.

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QCVN performs groundwater analysis, surface water analysis, and underground water analysis according to National Technical Regulation QCVN 09: 2015 / BTNMT National technical regulation on underground water quality. (According to the latest promulgated regulations of Vietnamese law).

According to the provisions of Vietnam’s environmental protection law, the monitoring of groundwater environment, groundwater analysis complies with the Regulation on groundwater quality: National technical regulation QCVN 09: 2015 / BTNMT is the norm. regulate the limit value of underground water quality parameters.

This regulation is applied to assess and monitor the quality of underground water sources, as a basis for orienting for different purposes of water use. Limit values of groundwater quality / underground water quality parameters are specified in the following Table:

The quality indicators for assessment of groundwater

No. Parameter Unit Value
1 pH 5,5 – 8,5
2 Chỉ số pemanganat mg/l 4
3 Tổng chất rắn hòa tan (TDS) mg/l 1500
4 Độ cứng tổng số (tính theo CaCO3) mg/l 500
5 Amôni (NH4+ tính theo N) mg/l 1
6 Nitrit (NO2 tính theo N) mg/l 1
7 Nitrat (NO3 tính theo N) mg/l 15
8 Clorua (Cl) mg/l 250
9 Florua (F) mg/l 1
10 Sulfat (SO42-) mg/l 400
11 Xyanua (CN) mg/l 0,01
12 Asen (As) mg/l 0,05
13 Cadimi (Cd) mg/l 0,005
14 Chì (Pb) mg/l 0,01
15 Crom VI (Cr6+) mg/l 0,05
16 Đồng (Cu) mg/l 1
17 Kẽm (Zn) mg/l 3
18 Niken (Ni) mg/l 0,02
19 Mangan (Mn) mg/l 0,5
20 Thủy ngân (Hg) mg/l 0,001
21 Sắt (Fe) mg/l 5
22 Selen (Se) mg/l 0,01
23 Aldrin µg/I 0,1
24 Benzene hexachloride (BHC) µg/l 0,02
25 Dieldrin µg/l 0,1
26 Tổng Dichloro diphenyl trichloroethane (DDTs) µg/I 1
27 Heptachlor & Heptachlorepoxide µg/l 0,2
28 Tổng Phenol mg/l 0,001
29 Tổng hoạt độ phóng xạ α Bq/I 0,1
30 Tổng hoạt độ phóng xạ β Bq/I 1
31 Coliform MPN hoặc CFU/100 ml 3
32 E.Coli MPN hoặc CFU/100 ml Không phát hiện thấy

The most accurate criteria for groundwater analysis

Based on these indicators assess groundwater quality on results shows the status groundwater quality to use for the right purposes and ensure issues improve the environment, assess the causes of water pollution .

QCVN is a unit that is granted the certificate of eligibility for environmental monitoring (VIMCERTS 197) in accordance with Decree 27/2013 ND-CP, QCVN is eligible to perform underground water sampling and groundwater analysis services. , analysis of underground water to serve the inspection of domestic water sources, assessment of the status of underground water sources and the work related to dossiers of application for underground water exploitation permits in accordance with Circular 27/2014 / TT-BTNMT on registration of underground water exploitation, form of dossier for grant, extension, adjustment and re-grant of water resources permit, issued by the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment.

Groundwater sampling procedure / groundwater sampling method (please contact Vietnam Environment Monitoring Center 0961 85 85 89 for detailed instructions)

Refer to some groundwater quality assessment criteria:

  • Vietnam standard TCVN 6830:2016 (ISO 9698:2010) on Water Quality – Determination of tritium activity concentration – Liquid flashing counting method
  • Vietnam standard TCVN 6185:2015 (ISO 7887:2011) on Water Quality – Check and determine color temperature
  • Vietnam standard TCVN 6831-1:2010 (ISO 11348-1:2007) on Water Quality – Determining the inhibitory effect of water samples on the luminescence of Vibrio Fischeri (luminescent bacteria test) – Part 1: Method of using newly cultured bacteria
  • Vietnam standard 64TCN 118:2000 on Water Quality – Methods of determining cyanide content in industrial wastewater
  • National standards TCVN 6825:2001 (ISO 11734 : 1995) on Water Quality – Evaluation of “complete” anaerobic biodegradation of organic compounds in biodegradable sludge – Method of measuring biogas production


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