License for underground water extraction

License for underground water extraction

1. Enterprises should make dossiers of application groundwater extraction:

All domestic and foreign enterprises operating in the territory of Vietnam, business and production establishments wishing to exploit and use groundwater must register for underground water exploitation.

Establishments and enterprises are using groundwater or have groundwater exploitation projects without having a license for underground water exploitation.

Cach kiem tra nguon nuoc ban dung hang ngay co ban hay khong

2. The process of preparing a dossier for obtaining groundwater exploitation permits:

  • The survey collected data on topography, geomorphology, hydrology climate conditions, economic and social sector mining affects ground water;
  • Determining parameters of regional geological and hydrological characteristics affecting underground water exploitation;
  • Collect well water samples and laboratory analyzes;
  • Determining the well structure and reserves of exploited water;
  • Mapping the area and location of the project at a scale of 1 / 50,000 to 1 / 25,000 according to the VN 2000 coordinate system;
  • Calculation of low water level forecast, setting up water wells;
  • Prepare projects and submit to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment;

3. Process of implementing dossiers of application for underground water exploitation permits:

Step 1: Prepare all documents as prescribed by law including:

CONTENT Amount Require Note
Legal documents on land (such as land use right certificates, land allocation decisions, construction permits if new, etc.), documents related to the land if available. 1 Certified true copy
Business license / Or establishment decision 1 Certified true copy
Decision approving environmental impact assessment reports approved by competent agencies or certificates of registration of environmental protection commitments according to the law on environmental protection. 1 Photo/file
Contract to hire organizations and individuals to operate waste water treatment system, monitor wastewater flow, waste water quality. 1 Photo/file
For works to establish the basic design or Economic Report – Technical follow current regulations, additional notes to the basic design or Economic Report – engineering was competent agencies to approve, attached to the approval decision. 1 Photo/file If you have
For drainage works built in new residential areas and new urban areas, additionally: Detailed planning drawings, together with approval decisions. 1 Photo/file If you have
Business registration certificate of construction design unit. 1 Certified true copy
Explanation report on design of wastewater treatment system; complete drawing of waste water treatment system; 1 Photo/file
Guiding operation of wastewater treatment systems 1 Photo/file
The drawings of the collection system, drainage, rainwater; 1 Photo/file
Construction design drawing drawings include: Diagram of location, ground of connection installation; design of road surface and sidewalk reconstruction; Detailed design connects branch culverts to the city’s drainage system. 1 Photo/file
Explain the connection construction plan (Form BM 4). 1 Photo/file fill the form
Electricity and water bills for the last 3 months 1 Photo/file

Step 2:

Apply at the dossier receiving and returning team – Department of Natural Resources and Environment of the province or city directly under the Central Government

Time to receive applications: from 7:30 am to 11:30 am, from 13:30 to 17:00 (from Monday to Friday every week, Saturday only works in the morning).

When receiving the application, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment check the completeness and validity of the documents in the dossier:

+ In case the dossier is complete and valid, it shall issue a receipt to the payer.

+ In case the dossier is incomplete or invalid, guide the applicant to complete the dossier.

 Step 3:

Department of Water Resources and Mineral Management – Department of Natural Resources and Environment conducts appraisal of dossiers. If the application is satisfactory, the licensing procedure will be done. If the dossier does not meet the requirements, there will be a written reply to the organization or individual for the reason of not granting permission.

Step 4:

Organizations and individuals requesting the granting of fee for closure of dossiers and licensing fees (if the dossiers are satisfactory) at the Finance Department and receiving the results of dossier settlement at the dossier receiving and returning teams Profile of Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

When to get results, to claim to be produced:

+ Document receipt.

+ ID card (or passport or other legal personal identification as prescribed).

+ Letter of introduction of the license applicant (in case the applicant requests an organization).

– How to do it: directly at the office of the state administrative agency.

4. Legal basis for application file for underground water exploitation

  • Water Resources Law No. 17/2012 / QH13 dated 02/07/2012;
  • Environmental Protection Law 55/2014 / QH13 dated 23/06/2014;
  • Decree No. 201/2013 / ND-CP dated 27/11/2013 of the Government Detailing the implementation of some articles of the Law on Water Resources.
  • Circular No. 27/2014 / TT-BTNMT 05.30.2014 Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment regulates the registration of groundwater extraction, sample documents to grant, extend, adjust, re-financing permits water resources



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