Emission monitoring

Emission monitoring (Measure the components in the exhaust)

Measure the composition of emissions by the method: According to Circular 24, applications for collecting dust samples according to EPA5, sampling SO2 and H2S04 according to EPA8, taking PM10 samples according to EPA201A, collecting dioxin samples EPA23, taking samples of HBr, HF, HCl according to EPA26a or taking metal samples according to EPA29

With the motto “always stand in the position of customers to think, be aware and have a sense of responsibility, comply with laws, regulations, agreements, give effective environmental solutions, towards sustainable development future”

Vietnam QCVN Standard Technical Joint Stock Company According to the standard ISO/IEC 17020 and VIMCERTS 197.

The Center’s labor environment monitoring service is provided by enthusiastic and experienced staff and employees in the field of environmental analysis and monitoring, together with modern and modern machines. Advanced analytical methods, will promptly detect and accurately assess the harmful factors arising in the working environment and recommend the most optimal solutions to overcome and improve the working environment.

In order to meet the needs and practical desires of customers, Vietnam Center for Environmental Monitoring and Analysis constantly improves the quality of environmental monitoring, focusing on upgrading labs and deploying applications. advanced techniques.

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Emission monitoring at Hyosung Dong Nai company

Monitoring emissions at source

+ Sampling to determine concentrations of CO, SO2, NO2, CO2, H2S….

+ Sampling determines the concentration of vapors of organic compounds (Benzen, Toluen, Xylen, Xăng…)

+ Sampling to determine metal vapor concentration (Pb, Cu, Mn, As,…) by atomic absorption spectroscopy.

(Depending on the sampling environment, the emission source is applied in accordance with current regulations of Vietnamese law)

QCVN carries out testing of working environment in accordance with the law, ensures full capacity and means, equipment according to Decree 44/2016 / ND-CP.

QCVN hopes to become a reliable and long-term partner with you on the way of development.

The reason for choosing QCVN is the partner that monitors / measures emissions components

  • QCVN is qualified to monitor working environment under the Decision No. 345 / SYT-NVY dated January 18, 2019 of the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, and eligible for environmental monitoring according to Vimcerts 197 of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and is the unit with a laboratory system meeting the standard 17025
  • We have state-of-the-art machinery and equipment and work with reputable partners to perform analysis of multiple indicators across multiple sample platforms.
  • QCVN is proud to have a team of technicians, observers and customer care specialists who constantly strive to bring the best service to each customer..
  • QCVN’s monitoring and analysis teams are regularly trained at the analysis centers of TT3, Pasteur, the Institute of Public Health Hygiene, the Institute of Occupational Health and are granted certificates recognized by agencies state management

Equipments are equipped at QCVN laboratory to measure exhaust gas components

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