Consulting environmental reports

Consulting environmental reports

QCVN is a unit specialized in environmental monitoring and experimental analysis under Vimcerts 197 of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and is a unit with a laboratory system of 17025 standard.

After carrying out the business registration procedures and the initial tax declaration procedures, the enterprise base on Appendix II – ND 18/2015 / ND-CP to determine the scale of enterprises that they need to implement the Plan environmental protection (EPP) or Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Enterprises of all kinds of production and business services of restaurants, hotels, buildings, buildings, clinics will generate environmental reports including:

Periodic reports (quarter / year)

  • Periodic environmental monitoring report (environmental monitoring report)
  • Hazardous waste management report
  • Report on labor environment testing
  • Medical report

Another environment reports

  • Profile of groundwater extraction
  • Profile permit discharge into water sources
  • Profile prevent chemical incident
  • Book hazardous waste generators

Environmental protection activities in enterprises

  • There is a place to store and store domestic waste, with a unit to collect domestic waste
  • Hazardous waste containers, classified, labeled and hazardous waste collection units
  • Industrial / domestic wastewater treatment system
  • Exhaust treatment system

Environmental consulting profiles included:

  • Environmental monitoring reports periodically;
  • Environmental impact assessment report;
  • environmental protection plan report;
  • Registering the source of waste and hazardous waste;
  • Permit for water exploitation, extension of adjustment of permits for underground water exploitation;
  • Consulting on application of cleaner production methods and technologies;


  • QCVN is a qualified unit to monitor the working environment according to Decision No. 345 / SYT-NVY dated 18/01/2019 of the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, the unit eligible for environmental monitoring under Vimcerts 197 of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and is a unit with a laboratory system of 17025 standard
  • QCVN fully equipped field monitoring equipment to measure microclimate, dust, toxic gas indicator, solvent vapor index, temperature and laboratory equipment with full GC-MS machinery Perkin Elemer’s ion chromatography analyzed the criteria of toxic gas in the working environment and microbiology room to monitor microbiological, susceptible, and allergy factors in the working environment.
  • QCVN is proud to have a team of technicians, observers, and customer care professionals who constantly strive to bring the best service to each customer.
  • The monitoring and analyzing team of QCVN are regularly trained at the analytical centers of TT3, Pasteur, Public Health Hygiene Institute, Institute of Occupational Health and are granted qualifications recognized by agencies state management

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