Monitoring indicators microclimate

Monitoring indicators microclimate

Environmental monitoring department QCVN Technical Joint Stock Company includes the following tasks:

  • Monitoring and measuring environmental indicators in the field
  • Sampling to analytical in laboratory.

Monitoring the working environment including monitoring micro-climate indicators in the working environment according to the National Technical Regulation QCVN 26: 2016 / BYT on Microclimate – Values for microclimate at workplaces Value work allows microclimate at work

Level Temperature (oC) Air humidity (%) Speed air movement(m/s) Thermal radiation intensity exposure area (W/m2)
Low 20 đến 40 40 đến 80 0,1 đến 1,5

35 exposure of 50% of the human body

70 exposure of 25% to 50% of the human body

100 exposure below 25% of the area on the human body

Medium 18 đến 32 40 đến 80 0,2 đến 1,5
Nặng 16 đến 30 40 ddessn 80 0,3 đến 1,5
  • For hot working conditions, high humidity, the air movement speed in the workplace can increase to 2 m / s.
  • For working conditions in air-conditioned rooms, the air movement speed may be below 0.1 m / s for light labor, below 0.2 m / s for average labor and less than 0.3 m / s for heavy labor if ventilation in the room ensures that the CO2 concentration meets the permitted standard.
  • The temperature difference according to the height of the working position does not exceed 3 ° C.
  • The difference in the horizontal temperature of the working area shall not exceed 4 ° C for light labor, not exceeding 5 ° C for average labor and no more than 6 ° C for heavy labor. The temperature difference in production and outdoor areas does not exceed 5 ° C.


Method of determination of microclimate according to TCVN 5508 – 2009: Working atmosphere – Requirements on microclimate conditions and measurement methods.


1. Establishments having laborers exposed to microclimate elements must periodically organize the inspection and examination of micro-workplace climate at least once a year and according to the provisions of the Labor Code and the Law. labor safety and hygiene.

2. Employers must provide adequate means of labor protection to employees in accordance with the working environment in accordance with the law on safety and occupational health.

3. If the microclimate at the workplace does not meet the permitted value, the employer must immediately implement measures to improve working conditions and protect the health of workers.


1. This Regulation applies to replace microclimate standards in the Occupational Hygiene Standards according to Decision No. 3733/2002 / QD-BYT dated 10/10/2002 of the Minister of Health.

2. Department of Health Environmental Management – Ministry of Health presides and coordinates with relevant authorities to guide, implement and organize the implementation of this regulation.

3. Based on the practical requirements of management, the Medical Environment Management Department shall have to propose the Ministry of Health to amend and supplement them accordingly.

4. In the case of national standards, international standards of microclimate cited in this regulation amended, supplemented or replaced, the provisions of new documents shall apply.


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