Vietnam Center for Environmental Analysis and Monitoring under Vietnam Technical Standard QCVN Company,

Accredited QCVN certificates include:

– Vimcerts 197 details in accordance with Decision No. 1316 / QD-BTNMT issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to units eligible for environmental monitoring services (Decree No. 127/2014 / ND-CP)

– Notice of Eligibility for labor environment testing by the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City at 1911 / SYT-NVY.

Activities of QCVN Company include:

  • Water analysis (drinking water, ice water, waste water, surface water …);
  • Testing labor environment;
  • Food testing;
  • Training center for water, food and microbiological analysis and testing Strength of Vietnam Center for Environmental Analysis and Monitoring.

Strength of QCVN Company

  • Shareholders are masters, engineers with high professional qualifications, with more than 30 years of experience in the field of water, food, microbiology, team combination. Young, enthusiastic and skilled technical staff professionally-trained subjects;
  • QCVN is always a reliable companion of customers. We provide reliable test results, meet fast response times, with appropriate testing and inspection costs and comply with regulatory and regulatory requirements.
  • Besides, we always improve the quality management system with modern information technology system, ensuring absolute security for customers.

Our sustainable development orientation will bring satisfaction to customers for the services we provide. QCVN Company is looking forward to cooperating with customers in the future.


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