Instructions for sending samples

  1. Sample holder preparation

  2. Use containers that are clean, dry, leak-proof, wide-mouthed, sterile, and of a size suitable for samples of the product. Containers such as plastic jars or metal cans that are leak-proof may be hermetically sealed. Whenever possible, avoid glass containers, which may break and contaminate the food product. For dry materials, use sterile metal boxes, cans, bags, or packets with suitable closures. Sterile plastic bags (for dry, unfrozen materials only) or plastic bottles are useful containers for line samples. Take care not to overfill bags or permit puncture by wire closure. Identify each sample unit (defined later) with a properly marked strip of masking tape. Do not use a felt pen on plastic because the ink might penetrate the container.

    Sample quantity

    The sample quantity depends on the nature and parameters. However normally please help us prepare the sample as below:

    Microbiology testing sample: MINIMUM 100 GRAM of a separate sampling unit

    Chemical and physical analysis sample: MINIMUM 200 GRAM  of a separate sampling unit

    Sample that tested by subcontractor: MINIMUM 200 GRAM/ 1 parameter for each separate sampling unit.

    For special products please inform us or call us (08) 7107 7879

    For any questions after testing, please provide us minimum 2 units of sample

    1. Information needed

    Please write down: unit, samples, parameters, requirements and other information into “Customer information – Sample information submission”

    Working time:

    Mon – Fri 8h00 – 17h00
    Sat 8h00 – 12h00
    Holidays Off
    Time can be flexible due to negotiation.

    Our receptionist will base on your information to make quotations via COMLIMS and sample submission form SSF.

    All information in SSF will be sent to registration to updates customer data and send you ACK.

    1. Testing time

    Normally TAT is 5-7 ( five to seven) working days (Sat, Sun is excluded). TAT is also depended on customer requirements ( normal test, quickly test, emergency test), sample quantity and how complex the sample is.

    Some parameters will be sent to other QCVN lab around the world if QCVN cannot help. If you need, please contact us for more information.

    1. Sample storage

    If you need to storage sample, QCVN will store sample based on the condition and sample nature. Storage time is 5 working days from the day of result appointment or due to customer requirement.

    1. Return sample

    If you have requested to return sample after test, the samples will be delivered along with the test result.