Laboratory analysis training

Laboratory analysis training

QCVN regularly opens training fields related to field monitoring, experimental analysis and food testing. With the desire to train more officers in sector analysis monitoring, ensuring the technical resources with experience in addition to the Institute, the Center analyzed the domestic industry to analyze developmental serve many Further needs of customers.

QCVN’s training program include:

  1. Field of testing and analysis:
    • Techniques for determining heavy metals: cadmium, lead, copper, and zinc in domestic water and waste water by ICP-OES emission spectra
    • Techniques for analyzing pesticide residues in food by mass spectrometry
    • Technical analysis of drinking water, domestic water, waste water
    • Technical analysis of basic indicators of food & feed products
    • Microbiological analysis techniques in water
    • Microbiological analysis techniques in food
  1. Field observation field
    • Techniques for selecting and guiding the use of field monitoring devices
    • Sampling and preservation techniques of water, soil, mud and gas parameters in the environment



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