Environmental monitoring

Environmental monitoring

Environmental protection has long been mentioned, but so far the implementation of environmental protection measures has not been thoroughly implemented.

For the purpose of sustainable development, for Vietnamese goods and services not only to circulate in the domestic market, but also to international markets, in which countries have strict requirements on matters environmental protection topics and other relevant safety regulations.

Making periodic environmental monitoring reports is the work that must be done periodically (month / quarter / year), with criteria of waste water, emissions, working environment … In order to assess the impact of pollution The environment has been thoroughly treated yet in the process of production and business activities.

The volume of periodic environmental monitoring with the norms of water, gas, mud, soil and toxic gases in the working environment depends on the production and business activities of the unit such as: size and area of the location. take samples to arrange the most typical emission areas of factories, factories or buildings, etc.

The periodic environmental monitoring report is one of the legal documents for enterprises to carry out production and business activities legally and under the supervision of competent environmental management agencies. This is also a way for businesses to fulfill their responsibilities for environmental protection, as well as to ensure their own interests.

QCVN Vietnam Standard Technical Joint Stock Company is certified by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to be eligible for environmental monitoring services (according to VIMCERTS 197 certification and Decision No. 1316 / QD-BTNMT). providing quality monitoring, measurement and evaluation services and implementing samples according to customers’ requirements for environmental quality assessment.

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Legal documents:

  • Monitoring labor environment in accordance with Decision 3733/2002 / QD-BYT on 21 labor hygiene standards, 05 principles and 07 labor hygiene parameters issued by the Minister of Health
  • Observe the ambient air according to QCVN 05: 2013 / BTNMT: National technical regulation on ambient air quality
  • Noise monitoring according to QCVN 26: 2010 / BTNMT: National technical regulation on noise
    Observation of microclimate indicators according to QCVN 26: 2016 / BYT: National technical regulation on microclimate-value allowing microclimate at work place
  • Monitoring industrial waste gas according to QCVN 19: 2009 / BTNMT: National technical regulation on industrial emissions for dust & inorganic substances
  • Monitoring domestic wastewater according to QCVN 14: 2008 / BTNMT: National technical regulation on domestic wastewater

QCVN provides data for environmental monitoring according to Table A1, A2 – Appendix V – Circular 43/2015 / TT-BTNMT.

Methods of implementing environmental monitoring

The sampling and testing methods of QCVN are designated by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment with the designation code VIMCERTS 197, which is a capable laboratory to perform sampling sampling activities for analysis & assessment. quality of surface water – waste water, surface soil, sludge, sediment, solid waste according to TCVN and QCVN standards at the request of customers.

In addition to the rapid measurement methods in the field, we also conducted samples to the laboratory to analyze and evaluate the quality.

The laboratory is accredited with ISO 17025 with recognized environmental monitoring parameters with VILAS codes

Environmental monitoring service

  • Planning monitoring and evaluation of air pollution levels, measuring and analyzing air quality and emissions. In addition to the method of rapid measurement of pollution parameters in waste sources, we also conduct sampling of analytical laboratories in compliance with TCVN and QCVN standards. Specific indicators according to the attached quotation.
  • Consulting on environmental measurement and analysis, participating in monitoring and monitoring environmental quality, making environmental reports. Participate in sampling & analysis at the field for individuals, businesses, companies, factories, etc.

Environmental monitoring equipment

With the desire to serve more requirements of customers in many fields, QCVn has continuously invested in environmental monitoring equipment such as Einstrument 8500 plus exhaust meter with sensitivity of 800-1000ppm, dust collector and solvents in C5000 emissions, Perkin Elemer GC-MS, Perkin Elemer’s AAS, and a series of field measuring instruments from Gastec, noise meters, radiometers, electromagnetic fields of firms Extech, Labomed …


QCVN is always proud of the quality of customer service. With a system of laboratories with ISO 17025 certification, we and our team of technical experts constantly strive to bring the best services to customers.

QCVN commits:

– The best environmental monitoring service with appropriate cost

– Time to return results quickly

– Secure customer information

– Consulting on saving raw materials and measures to handle and overcome sources of pollution.


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