Water analysis

Water analysis

I. Water analysis service

QCVN is a unit that is granted a certificate of eligibility for monitoring and analysis of water indicators by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

The analysis laboratory services include:

  • Analysis of bottled drinking water according to National Technical Regulation QCVN 6-1: 2010 / BYT
  • Industrial waste water analysis according to the national technical regulation QCVN 40: 2011 / BTNMT
  • Analysis of domestic wastewater according to the National Technical Regulation QCVN 14: 2008 / BTNMT
  • Medical wastewater analysis according to National Technical Regulation QCVN 28: 2010 / BTNMT
  • Surface water analysis according to national technical regulation QCVN 08-MT: 2015 / BTNMT
  • Analysis of underground water according to the National Technical Regulation QCVN 09: 2015 / BTNMT

II. Water analysis capacity of QCVN

Criteria in drinking water analysis service of QCVN are certified by Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to be eligible for environmental monitoring number Vimcerts 197 (According to Decree No. 127/2014 / ND-CP)

Water sampling equipment, sample coding, and storage of field samples are conducted by well-trained monitoring specialists.

Phan Tich Nuoc Theo Tieu Chuan Ky Thuat QCVN Viet Nam

QCVN has a team of experienced experts and young dynamic creative technicians who are professionally trained in a combination of modern machinery and equipment such as AAS, ICP-OS, standard micro-rooms that will meet enough water indicators for customers.


Contaminated water is due to the presence of excessive chemical, biological and physical factors that harm the lives of organisms, including humans.

Water monitoring service / water analysis service is the intermediate stage to assess the content of substances in water.

For the process of water site assessment for use or improvement of existing water resources.


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