Environmental Monitoring Report

Environmental Monitoring Report 

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  1. What is Environmental Monitoring Report 

Environmental Monitoring Report to assess the quality of the environment, at production, business and service establishments to assess the impact of production and business activities affecting the surrounding environment and There are appropriate remedies or protections.

2. The execution time monitoring report

Within only 7 working days, QCVN will complete the service of preparing environmental monitoring report for your business, the application will be done quickly, private information will be closely monitored to the actual situation, brought to you Customer satisfaction in each service is honored for QCVN.

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3. How to implement monitoring report

Process of implementing environmental monitoring report periodically in 2019

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Step 1: Customer surveys and consulting: 

  • Direct survey at the facility, based on the initial environmental profile / business type, consultants need monitoring indicators for Enterprise.
  • Frequency of detailed monitoring is as follows:
No. Object Frequency of monitoring
   1 The establishment has the same size as the object specified in Appendix II of Decree No. 18/2015 / ND-CP. 01 time / 03 months
   2 The facility has the same size as the object specified in Appendix 5.1 of Circular No. 27/2015 / TT-BTNMT. 01 time / 06 months
   3 The establishment has the same size as the object specified in Clause 2 Article 32 of Circular No. 27/2015 / TT-BTNMT. 1 time per year

(Extracted from Appendix 10 of Circular 31/2016 / TT-BTNMT)

  • Quotations for customers based on aggregated information.

Step 2:  Schedule a sample appointment at the Enterprise according to the appointment.

QCVN is the unit approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment as a qualified environmental monitoring unit under Vimcerts No. 197.

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Step 3: Within 07-10 days of returning monitoring results to Enterprises, at the same time QCVN collects customer information (in accordance with Appendix 4). QCVN synthesizes monitoring reports for 3 days and sends customers to review information.

Step 4: QCVN proceeds to submit documents to authorities (Section 5 – the agency receiving reports)

After receiving approval / confirmation from the authorities, QCVN will hand over to you the set of periodic environmental monitoring reports.

4. Information appendix for making periodic environmental monitoring reports:

  • Certificate of environmental protection commitment or environmental impact assessment report or environmental protection scheme;
  • Business license ;
  • Hazardous waste collection contract;
  • Solid waste collection contract;
  • Documents of hazardous waste collection;
  • Permit for wastewater treatment connection (if any);
  • Diagram of the overall plan;
  • Land use right lease contract;
  • Electricity and water bills for the month.

Depending on the business characteristics of the business, a number of other legal documents may be added.

5. The agency receives periodic environmental monitoring reports:

Depending on the size and location of the project, the receiving and evaluating agency is one of the following agencies:

  • Resource base and environment
  • Industrial management
  • Management of economic zones
  • Resources and Environmental office
  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

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